how to earn free ethereum 2022

Many people associate Ethereum with Bitcoin, and some use the words Ethereum, bitcoin, and blockchain interchangeably. Vitalik Butyrin is a Russian Canadian programmer and cryptocurrency researcher who came up with the idea for Ethereum in 2013, which finally went live in 2015. The plainest and simple explanation of Ethereum can be broken down into two components — software and platform.

Now, what makes Ethereum different from other software platforms is that it is blockchain-based. Blockchain means a record of data stored on networks of computers, there are 3 pillars of the blockchain that make it unique — decentralization, transparency and immutability. Cryptopneurs join this network for business and personal interests.

Besides personal and business use, other reasons to not only earn free Ethereum but also learn how to trade ETH actively include the following

1.You can commit to smart contracts, which are highly safe and auditable

2. Short selling advantages allow you to sell even during a low market period

3. Leverage margin in trading Ethereum is high, as a result, you also enjoy high profits from trades.

4. Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum has tremendous potential. Perhaps with all the scalabilities, eventually, everybody will see how feasible the Ethereum network is becoming. For example, just 3 years ago the worth was 160 in dollars and now we are almost at 190+.

The Crypto space is such that people can determine whether or not to invest in coins, and would also be able to make any money out of it. If you’re searching for easy yet legal methods of earning free Ethereum, that wouldn’t involve sticking your neck out at great danger, then here are our top ppick

  1. Ethereum Faucets

An Ethereum faucet is a website or app, where you can register a wallet address, solve a captcha and get rewarded for that. Free-Ethereum io is an example of a program where you can earn reasonably in a matter of hours.

These websites use the opportunity to boost their traffic and make more money. Ethereum faucets usually attract high traction, allowing them to advertise for bigger companies. It’s also a medium to get word out on such companies, and even Ethereum in general.

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